When you have people, property, assets and information to protect, you want to keep them safe and secure. Telecom Innovations offers security and access control solutions that deliver protection for your business or campus and provide streamlined security management.

Our experts will help you assess vulnerability and tighten your safety measures with our security and access control solutions. We design, install, maintain and upgrade stand-alone and enterprise-level systems across geographies. Our systems are fully scalable to meet your needs today and for the future.

We feature a range of state-of-the-art security hardware and software solutions, including:

  • Video and Mobile Surveillance Solutions & Installation
    • Access cards/badge reader systems for staff members, vendors or contractors for security and time and attendance monitoring
    • Biometric technology, including fingerprint and facial recognition, hand geometry and iris scans
    • CATV (Antenna, Satellite, or Cable TV) and CCTV (Closed Circuit TV)
    • Digital and analog video surveillance design, installation and maintenance
    • Intrusion, motion and glass break detection systems
    • Access Control Systems
      • Visitor management systems
      • Centralized management of access rights
      • Access tracking (predefined and customized to your needs) and scheduled and on-demand reporting that help you manage your employee security and send you real-time updates via e-mail or SMS text
      • Integration with specific databases within your organization, like HR and IT
      • Integration with building systems, including CCTV, intrusion detection

      With smart upfront planning and design, we can help provide you the most cost-effective solutions that deliver the highest standards in security.

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