Mobile and wireless data usage is growing exponentially. With that usage, employees and consumers want a consistent “5-bar” experience. On the public safety front, first responder personnel must have fail-proof communications capabilities at all times. Using a well-engineered network of antennas tuned to precisely match the areas of a building, venue or geography where improved service is needed, a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) delivers reliable wireless coverage and enhances network capacity when being accessed simultaneously by large numbers of people.

Telecom Innovations offers both indoor and outdoor DAS networks that enhance wireless coverage across:

High-traffic areas like college campuses, government buildings, shopping malls and airports
Venues, including stadiums, convention centers and theme parks
Difficult-to-cover areas like tall office buildings and parking garages
Health systems and medical practices
Hotels, resorts and convention centers
Densely populated urban areas

Our in-building and outdoor antenna installations support a wide range of frequencies and have minimal visual impact. For indoor DAS networks, we strategically place remote antennas that are connected with fiber to a single hub containing the wireless service provider’s equipment. You’ll have a single system addressing wireless needs. The wireless carriers benefits by having a system to which they can tailor their RF signal, meeting specific coverage and capacity needs.

Outdoor DAS networks consist of a central hub location that uses fiber to link strategically placed antenna locations, providing carriers with pinpoint coverage not available through traditional coverage methods. For aesthetic appeal, antennas can be placed on street lights or utility poles or cleverly camouflaged as street signs, plants, boulders or other objects.

At Telecom Innovations, we deliver a turn-key solution, including:

  • Carrier Signal Enhancement systems for remote sites and poor coverage zones
    • Needs assessment
    • Site evaluation
    • Wireless master planning and network design
    • Carrier Coordination
    • Installation
    • Ongoing maintenance and support

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