Data Containment

In the past, it took an enormous amount of money and energy to maintain acceptable intake temperature levels for IT equipment. Since the introduction of containment, the energy savings have surpassed hundreds of millions of dollars and significantly reduced the data centers’ carbon footprint.

Air containment separates cold supply from hot equipment exhaust air, changing the way IT facilities are designed. Simply by separating the cold supply airflow from the hot equipment exhaust air, it creates a uniform supply temperature to the IT equipment.

Hot aisle and cold aisle containment help businesses reduce their use of energy while increasing the performance and longevity of the hardware. Additional benefits include:

  • Reduced Energy Consumption
  • Increased Cooling Capacity
  • Increased Rack Population
  • Consistent Acceptable Supply to IT Intake
  • MorePower Available for IT Equipment
  • Increased Equipment Up-time
  • Longer Hardware Life

When it comes to the question of which air containment is best for you, rack-based, hot aisle, or cold aisle depends upon the facility design. Some factors to take into consideration are obstructions, room design, space, budget, etc. This is where our years of experience can help you make the best decision.

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